Native Spirituality


Oh Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds

Each day I wake up; I pray to my Creator

For good things

I thank him for the four-legged,

The two-legged, the things that fly,

And the things that swim.

I thank those that gave up their lives, so

That I could eat today

I thank Mother Earth for growing the

Vegetable, fruits, and medicines

These things I use everyday.

I thank the Creator for my Family,

for without them I would not be here

I thank him for my Sisters, otherwise

I would be lonely.

I thank him for the positive and the negative

things that happen during the day, for

these are not to hurt me, but to help me learn

I thank the Creator for all the good things

in the world.

For the world is my teacher and my playground

Everything here is for my pleasure

If I do not see the beauty in this, then the

fault is me.

At the end of my prayers, I am pleased with myself.

For I am ready for this day.